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we brig live to your art

Let us introduce ourselves

Step back in time.
All begun way back in 1948 from a small family business originally from Campoli (TE) with the sale of frames and holy pictures. The great desire of those who, from the very beginning had devoted all effort and work in the service of Art, gives today Agostinelli Group’s well known distinctiveness, and from all operators in the sector a special reverence and leadership, that many years of experience consolidated in a strong distribution of frames, paintings, Fine Arts etc.. It’s Gallery is can satisfy the most demanding customer, since it is made from a wide variety of paintings brought to you by many Italian and foreign artists. There are perfect fakes made with great care, respecting the original technique. You can make a choice of the works in the Gallery, or commission them, in order to not renounce to any alternative.



Our mission

"We bring to life your art!"

All of this is supported and enhanced thanks to the help of something really important: the frames. Always a step ahead, not just limited to the production of ready made frames, but also proud of a vast warehouse of both unfinished and finished handiwork. A variety of products in different styles: baroque, classical, modern, ethnic... more business from custom-cut frames and finished handiwork, brought to you by ancient techniques handed down from the old master craftsmen. Enthusiasm, desire of innovation is what you breathe entering this company, full of materials of all kinds, both in quality and in quantity: paints, brushes, canvases, frames, easels, rough objects... Lots and lots more for artists, hobbyists and dealers. Exceptional treatment for our new clients, who can be included in our clients list through our site. Using the trolley function on our website, you can place orders from abroad obtaining special discounts. Thanks to the experience gained over the years, the Agostinelli Group is able to supply of important agencies and hotels nationally and internationally. We today with our fresh and fancy Art Store have encouraged art in its vital principle, giving the inspiration for newly aesthetical solutions never regardless of quality standards and saving.


Art Store offers the richest and most convenient proposals that leave an indelible mark all over the world of Art. Everyone is invited to join the experience, because ahead of us, in the future, their shall be the growing history of that great little company.